Currently, ccyeh oversees 85% of all projects. This includes researching, designing, patterning, and sewing. Each step is done by hand and adheres to sustainable practices. The remaining 15% of the process involves collaborating with local craftsmen for sewing.
  • handmade value


    All products are handmade, independently produced by designer and cooperative masters, not mass-produced by factories. The natural and irregular handmade feeling presents a light of luxurious handmade temperature between clothes and textiles.
  • society connected


    From the selection of fabrics and materials, the simplification of patterns and the research of zero waste, we also care about craftsmanship and craftsmen. We communicate and cooperate directly with local craftsmen face-to-face to avoid the intervention of middlemen.
  • sustainability care

    In terms of design, designer is devoted to experience a rectangle pattern that exploring the space from two-dimensions to three-dimensions as a piece of garment, this avoids the unnecessary cutting and leftover pieces of fabric during the production process as also a way toward sustainability.
    In addition, stock fabrics from early suit masters often been utilized in the design, hoping to inherit the story of stock fabrics and re-endow value.
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