chapter 5 : poem from the far side
The designer drew inspiration from her vague memories of childhood experiences, particularly the metaphysical stories and Taoist practices observed by her aunty '' Lei ''.
Aunt Lei, who has boundless spirit that being constrained by the power of supernatural world . Despite this, Lei still longs for escape from the shackles, with shout, struggle, brave and fearlessness, searching for tranquility and the poem from far side throughout her life.
Throughout this collection, ccyeh hopes to provide a beacon of light amidst the black hole dilemma for all who seek it.
chapter 4 : a thought of summer
This collection's outlines are based on mothers' normal behaviors when raising children: tying, pulling, grabbing, wrapping, and removing. As the inspiration and design of the pattern, in addition to partially continuing the arc tailoring that the previous designer was good at, this time added More ideas for square three-dimensional pieces, trying the opposite design of rigidity and softness. The fabrics are made of wrinkled natural organic cotton and wrinkled linen cotton. The natural touch of comfort and organic irregularities are like the new face given to the fabric over time and also like women's soft but persevering power, which is silently stronger in the subtleties. 
chapter 3 : les filles
This chapter continuously explores the brand's DNA exquisite curved lines, puffy sleeves and ruffles, wrap skirts, low-irrigation colors, lace trims, tassels, and straps express literary and artistic style. With a retro tone, this time designer tries to accurately balance the elegant clothing of Eastern and Western styles in Taiwan, where history and culture are integrated.
chapter 2 : shattering dawn, finds me in a deserted street
The first smell of the plums, dyes the hills with lighten the cares of the world, and the surge, left me the customary shreds, with things boundless and indistinct.
chapter 1 : chasing like the wind, blooming like a child
Of splendor in the grass, of glory in the flowers when the wind passes through, the shadow coming up when the waves spark in glee, the light turning around breeze danced, the trace left, rising the soft dreamland continues as the stars that shine likes dawns go downs to the old good days.